Due to the tight schedule of an on line conference, anyone who want to put an issue on the agenda of the 4th ILGA Oceania Regional Conference, especially for a constitutional change proposals at the AGM [Saturday, 24 October 2020] needs to submit the proposal on the official proposal form:-
There are some constitutional / standing order proposals already put forward by the ILGA Oceania board that could affect your submission, so make sure you review them before you submit your contribution:






The ILGA Oceania Board can submit proposals to the Annual General Meeting (AGM). These proposals are subject to the same requirements that propsoals from the membership are also subject.

PROPOSAL DEADLINE: 21 days prior to the AGM. [ILGA Oceania Constitution, s31(5)]
AMENDMENT DEADLINE: 15 days prior to the AGM. [ILGA Oceania Constitution, s31(6)]

NOTE: After the ILGA Oceania board submits a proposal there is the ability for everyone to discuss and offer up amendments to the proposal before it is voted upon.

Each ILGA Oceania board proposal need to get a threahhold number of votes to be passed at an Annual General Meeting (AGM):

The following is a list of the required majority of member votes cast before the proposal is approved:

CONSTITUTION CHANGES: 75% (Special Resolution) [ILGA Oceania Constitution, s35]
CONSTITUTION AIMS & OBJECTIVE CHANGES: 50% [ILGA Oceania Constitution, s3(2)]
LODGEMENT: 28 days after the resolution. [ILGA Oceania Constitution, s42]

No documentary change to the ILGA Oceania constitution or its standing orders may conflict with the aims and objectives of the ILGA Oceania constitution or its standing orders [ILGA Oceania Constitution, s42], or any relevant legal requirements [Association Incorporation Act 2009 (NSW) & Associations Incorporation Regulation 2016 (NSW)].