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I am a lawyer accredited by the NSW Law Society, who has strongly focused on anti-discrimination litigation.

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I have been involved heavily with LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex) rights, especially forming LGBTI groups that have a strong democratic and community focus. Over the past 22 years, I have been responsible for the formation and sustaining of a variety of NSW based LGBTI groups, most of which thrive today:-

2009-2020 During this period I was on the ILGA Oceania board in differing capacities:-

2018-2022 ILGA Oceania Treasurer;

2016-2018 ILGA Oceania secretary;

2009-2014 ILGA Oceania convenor (no ILGA Oceania Board).

    2013-today I am presently a moderator and co-convener of the LGBTI Language Exchange, a globally based network of LGBTI-friendly language learners.

    2009-2014 During this period I was the ILGA Oceania Representative and helped coordinate the formation of the ILGA Oceania region into an organisation with its first democratic elections.

    2009-2011 During this period I was convenor of the Gay Free Thinkerís group, a decade old debate group on social topics affecting LGBTI people.

    2008-2009 have been an active member and supporter of the Australian Greens LGBTI working group, following the enactment of the same-sex marriage ban (2004). I was the convenor of the NSW Greens LGBTI working group between 2008-2009 and I have supported this working group endeavours ever since.

    2004-2010 From 2004-2007, I was the Convener of Community Action Against Homophobia, at a time that it oversaw the formation of the annual same-sex marriage National Day of Action protests and continued to be an active member after that period, until 2010.

    2004-2005 During 2004-2005, I was the Eastern Region Queer Officer for the Council of Australian Postgraduate Associations. I oversaw the implementation of a variety of LGBTI friendly provisions into the organizationís constitution and policy document.

    2000-2001 In 2000-2001, I was the University of Technology (UTS), Sydney Student Association (SA) Sexuality Officer and an active collective member (1999-2004), forming a queer collective at that university from scratch. We successfully campaigned for the universityís queer space («Q Loungeğ), queer publication («Queer Vertigo») and union affiliated club («Out 2 Party») as well as many direct actions such as occupying the vice-chancellorís office. In the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, I was the organiser of the very first UTS protest float, a cross campus Mardi Gras float precursor (2001) and the first cross-campus Mardi Gras float (2003), floats which are common place today.

    I am a passionate activist for LGBTI rights in Australia. I see the need for LGBTI activism at the global level, both at the United Nations and working collectively with organisations around the world to promote change. It is for this reason, I am re-running for a position on the ILGA Oceania board, having previously held the position of ILGA Oceania convenor (2009-2014) and recently the position of ILGA Oceania secretary (2016-2018) making it my personal pledge to help create an ILGA region with democratic elections that this region could be proud of.

    I am proud to be a supporting member of ILGA World and ILGA Oceania, a pivotal region in the ILGA world organisational structure. I am re-nominating to continue this support in any way I can.