ILGA Oceania Co-Chairs

Vanessa Lee-AhMat

Kenneth Edward Moala

Australia - Sydney
She, Her Pronouns
He, Him, Male Pronouns

Vanessa is from the Yupunguthi and Meriam people. She is a social-epidemiologist, public speaker, cultural broker, poet, educator and social justice advocate.

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For over 20 years Vanessa has been a member of the Indigenous LGBT+ sistergirls and brotherboys community where she began her involvement as a volunteer against LGBT DF&SV and for sexual health promotion addressing HIV in Indigenous communities. In 2007, she became an active member of Anwernekenke, the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander HIV/AIDS Alliance, to stand in solidarity with LGBT+ sistergirls and brotherboys. In 2011, she became a member of the LGBTIQ DFV Interagency a coalition of LGBT groups and allies tackling domestic violence among the LGBT community in New South Wales. Vanessa is also proactive in suicide prevention for Indigenous people and the LGBT population. Dr Vanessa Lee has a PhD and MPH.


Ken has been trailblazing for LGBTQI+ health and rights for over 30 years of outstanding activism to advance the rights of LGBTIQ people across Oceania.

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Ken is a Faafafine, Chaplain and Human Rights Activist from Samoa and Australia. Some of his accomplishments are: Co- Founder: Samoa AIDS Foundation. Co - Founder & Advisor : Pacific Sexual Diversity Network Founder Elder : Samoa Faafafine Association.


ILGA Oceania Alternates

Iru Tau
Miki Wali

Iru Tau is an activist almost 12 years in the country.

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He is the Vice President of the LGBTI organisation called "Kapul Champions" and currently nominated as the Vice Chairperson of the newly formed coalition called "Partnership Network Consortium". He has been a voice for the LGBTI community at the provincial and national level.

He has a good influence in his own capaity in the decision-making platforms.. Currently Iru is now working on forming a new transgender organisation in his own village and fighting for friendly accessible spaces in the service privider space. Recommending Iru to be on the ILGA Oceania board is not a mistake.

Miki Wali is a on the board of directors of Pacific Sexual & Gender Diversity Network (PSGDN).

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Feminist Activist Indigenous Defender from the Pacific.She is a feminist, activist and human rights defender, her passion resides in human rights law and policy.


ILGA Oceania Secretary

ILGA Oceania Treasurer


Simon Margan

Australia - Sydney
He, l, Il Pronouns

These positions are filled at ILGA Oceania Annual General Meetings (AGM), however, they can also be filled by the board as casual vacancies.

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Simon is a lawyer accredited by the NSW Law Society, who has strongly focused on anti-discrimination litigation.

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Simon has been involved heavily with LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex) rights, especially forming LGBTI groups that have a strong democratic and community focus. Over the past 19 years, he has been responsible for the formation and sustaining of a variety of NSW based LGBTI groups, most of which thrive today.

This marks the first term of an ILGA Oceania board that has one representative position dedicated to each region, instead of a board made up of general representatives from each region, as per the constitutional changes made in 2020 [Saturday, 24 October 2020 (Virtual)].

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