New Zealand Representative

Pacific Island Representatve

Rāwā Karetai

Terrihauroa Karel Luciani

Wellington, New Zealand
He, Him Pronouns
He, Him Pronouns

Rāwā has been involved with the LGBTI+ community since before the Marriage Equality Campaign started and was the Campaign Manager in Wellington during the campaign.

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Since, Rāwā has been involved in many LGBTI+ organisations across New Zealand, primarily in Wellington and Christchurch, Rawa promotes ILGA as much as possible.

Teriihauroa Karel Luciani is mā’ohi indigenous Tahitian. Now 54 years old, Karel was born to two parents of mixed mā’ohi, European (Czech, Spanish, Corsican) and Chinese ancestry.

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Teriihauroa is a new member of the Board of Directors of ÉGIDES– l’Alliance internationale francophone pour l’égalité et les diversités (International Francophone Alliance for Equality and Diversities), an international organization who works for and focuses on people of the LGBTQI community, and created in May 2019 in Montreal, Canada,

Teriihauroa is also a leader for the International Indigenous Working Group on HIV & AIDS (IIWGHA).

Teriihauroa has been an activist for LGBTQ+ rights for over 20 years, beginning in 1997 with the Homosphere association in New Caledonia. Today, in French Polynesia, Karel is president of the LGBTQ+ organization Cousins Cousines de Tahiti and also the president of the Board of Directors of local AIDS organization Agir contre le SIDA.

Teriihauroa is also Vice President of the regional organization Alliance LGBT+ Franco Océanienne ALFO) and a representative to the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association (ILGA). Teriihauroa engages in HIV prevention activities through the various LGBTQ+ and AIDS groups in which he holds posts.

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This marks the first term of an ILGA Oceania board that has one representative position dedicated to each region, instead of a board made up of general representatives from each region, as per the constitutional changes made in 2020 [Saturday, 24 October 2020 (Virtual)].

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