ILGA Oceania Women's Subcommittee Chair

ILGA Oceania Trans Subcommittee Chair

Maria Nailevu

Eroni Ledua Dina

Suva, Fiji
She / Her
Maria Nailevu has been an active gender advocate at the national and regional level since 2011.
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In the past four years, she has been engaged in several networks including the Fiji National Youth Council, Oceania Pride, Suva Hub Climate Change Group, and DIVA for Equality where she is part of the management committee that focuses on advocacy for the youth, women and LGBTQ communities. Last year, Maria was selected by UNDP to participate in the Youth/CSO Regional Human Rights consultation aimed at Youth Development and also participated in the Future Youth Leaders Parliament sitting. In all of her roles, Maria continues to advocate for gender equality and dedicates most of her time to issues related to gender and climate change.

“A Fiji where we are free to be whatever we Dream to be” is the Vision Eroni Dina has for the Fiji Islands and is the cornerstone of Eroni’s work for a better Fiji for ALL.

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Eroni who hails from the Island of Kadavu with maternal links to Lau and Tonga, finds inspiration in carrying on the legacy of her mother who diedof Breast Cancer whotill her last breath remainedinstrumental in Eroni’s Career. She is a Quality Analyst and Trainer by profession managing a Learning and Development team as Training & Quality Manager with Fiji’s largest Global BPO-Mindpearl.Music, LGBTIQ rights and indigeneityis a Passion that Eroni is well known forin various local forums. She is a Registered Recording Artist/Songwriterand for 12 years she was a Music Director and Head of the Arts and Culture Department with the Pasifika Voices Choir,aprogramby OCACPS –University of the South Pacificwhich was alsorenowned for recording Disney’s Moana along withother local stage productions. At OCACPS -USP she was also a Vocal/Performance Coach and tutor, a Freelance Performer and Production Vocalist. Apart from this, Eroni Dina is an Anti-Bullying Ambassador under the Anti-Bullying movement here in Fiji, a Member of MEN-Fiji as Peer-Educator and LGBTIQ Youth Activist before transcending to be Human ResourcesDirectorAND ViceChairfor Rainbow Pride Foundation’s Board of Directors, a company limited by guaranteefrom inception to date. She’salso a former Executive Member of the National Youth Council of the Fiji Islandsfor 6 years, and sits on the Board of HOPE-Fijia talent scouting and management agencyalso from it’s inception to date. No stranger to events, Eroni has also co-coordinated Adi Senikau in 2011, Entertainment director for Miss World Fiji 2012 etc.Some of Eroni’s most memorable performances have always been around performing with people who have inspired Eroniand for causes that carry empowering messages. Eroni has performed alongside Paulini Curuenavuli, Vanessa Quai & Suzy Vulaca. Eroni’s most treasured performance was performing one of her favouritesongs ‘Walk on Walk Strong’at the Mana Choral Festival in 2012 alongside the sister of Tae Kami and in presence of the Kami Family during which she had just lost her Father to a Stroke.

Eroni’s message to young people is that “In Life offer everything until you have nothing else to give, only then you are ready to transcend to your next gifting”, a legacy she tries to leave behind whiletravelling/touring around the region.


ILGA Oceania Disability Subcommittee Chair

ILGA Oceania Elder Subcommittee Chair

Margherita Coppolino


Sydney (NSW), Australia
She, Her

Margherita Coppolino is an Inclusion / Intersectionality consultant and photographer. With an outstanding network of contacts in government, business and social justice organisations, Margherita has a proven ability to inspire and influence a wide range of stakeholders on inclusion / intersectionality issues.

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She has strong commercial acumen and ability to frame inclusion issues in a commercial context. During her career, she also has honed & developed specialist skills in project management, mediation, facilitation, recruitment, case management.

Margherita has strengths in Advocacy and Community engagement as well as representation experiences across a number of intersectional lens communities

Board experience, events co-ordination experiences; high networking skills and wide connections across various sectors that ILGA could benefit

Margherita has undertaken the Australia Institute of Company Directors training and has sat a several Boards in Executive and non-executive positions. She was elected as National Ethnic Disability Alliances (NEDA) President in 2017. Was appointed to the Victoria Ministerial LGBTI Taskforce and Drummond Street Services Board in 2020; and SBS Community Advisory Committee in 2019. Previously, she held the position of Chair on Arts Access Victoria and Australia Federation of Disability Organisations (AFDO) Boards. Non-Executive positions on Spectrum Migrants Resources Centre and Action on Disability Within Ethnic Communities, Women With Disabilities Australia and Short Statured People of Australia.

Margherita is first generation Australian, born to Sicilian mother who migrated in the 1959. She was born with a Short Statured condition and is a proud feminist and lesbian.

In her spare time you will find Margherita either taking photos, volunteering, working out in the gym, travelling wine and whisky tasting and chilling with friends.

These positions are filled at ILGA Oceania Annual General Meetings (AGM), however, they can also be filled by the board as casual vacancies.

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ILGA Oceania Intersex Subcommittee Chair

ILGA Oceania Bisexual Subcommittee Chair

Mani Bruce Mitchell


Wellington, New Zealand
They, Them Pronouns

Mani is queer identifying, non-binary - and a intersex person. Mani is a counsellor, a media consultant and has been involved in the making of a number of films.

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Mani is currently the Executive Director of ITANZ and has many contacts both in NZ and around the world. They have been involved with ‘queer’ activism all their adult life. cares deeply about our community in its broadest sense, and has a desire for it be in a more healthy, just & safer place.

These positions are filled at ILGA Oceania Annual General Meetings (AGM), however, they can also be filled by the board as casual vacancies.

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ILGA Oceania Youth Subcommittee Chair


These positions are filled at ILGA Oceania Annual General Meetings (AGM), however, they can also be filled by the board as casual vacancies.

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